The Options Tab

The Update existing model field designates whether to update, append, remove, or retain data when an Import to Hub job is run and the model already exists. If this box is unchecked and you run a job that writes new data to the model, the existing data will first be deleted; if the new job results in blanks for a property, that property's existing data will be removed.
Note: Import to Hub has no error recovery capability; if you use this option, be sure to back up your existing model before updating the model with this option selected.
If this box is checked, you must specify how Import to Hub should handle existing data for both entities and relationships:
  • Always update properties—Overwrite existing data with input data regardless of contents. If the input properties are empty or if properties are in the existing data but not the input data, those properties will be removed from the record.
  • Update properties unless all input is null—Overwrite existing data with input data unless all of the input properties are empty, in which case the record will be written to the error port.
  • Never overwrite non-empty properties—Do not overwrite or remove existing data with input data unless the existing properties are empty. Input data will be appended to the record.
  • Never overwrite properties with empty input data—Overwrite existing data with input data but do not remove existing properties when input properties are empty.