Scheduling Model Backups

Backups require a unique port, which are automatically assigned by default. The administrator can change port numbers for both automatic and manual assignments as shown below.

Automatic Assignments
  1. Specify a starting base port number in the <Spectrum™ Technology Platforminstall path>/server/modules/hub/db/ file. Ports will increment sequentially starting at this base port plus 1 and will be assigned to models as they are created or accessed.
  2. Uncomment and set the online.backup.base.port property.
  3. Save the file.
Manual Assignments
  1. Copy the file from <Spectrum™ Technology Platforminstall path>/server/modules/hub/db/ to <Spectrum™ Technology Platforminstall path>/server/modules/hub/db/model.<model name>/
  2. Edit this model-specific properties file by uncommenting and modifying the online.backup.port property to be the port number to use for this model's online backup.
  3. Save the file.

Scheduling Backups

After you have enabled the use of model backups, you can use Data Hub Settings to schedule regular backups of models. The Data Hub Settings tab is located on the Resources tab of Web Management Console.
Note: This method will back up all existing models. If you want to back up some models but not others, use the on-demand method for backing up.
  1. With the Data Hub Settings tab open, click Schedule backup.
  2. Designate the frequency and time at which the backups should occur.
  3. Click Save.