Setting Exclusive Lock Timeout Duration

If you select the Exclusive lock write mode on the Write to Hub Options tab, or if you apply a centrality algorithm (degree, betweenness, closeness, or influence) to a model, that model will be locked while those processes are running and any action you attempt on that model that requires write access will result in a timeout until those processes are complete.

You can specify how long a process should wait before timing out by modifying the neo4j properties file. The default is 10 seconds, or 10,000 milliseconds.

  1. Open the file <Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform install path>/server/modules/hub/db/
  2. Navigate to the ha.wait.for.exclusive.lock.timeout line.
  3. Enter the duration, in milliseconds, that you want to wait for the lock to be released or the process to time out. A value of 0 milliseconds will cause an immediate timeout, and leaving this property blank will cause the server to wait indefinitely.
Note: If a model is currently in use with the Concurrent writes write mode selected, and a subsequent process is attempted with the Exclusive lock write mode selected, the model will be locked and the latter process will time out according to the settings made here.