Enterprise Routing Module

The Enterprise Routing Module provides the ability to obtain driving or walking directions, calculate drive time and drive distance, and identify locations within a certain time or distance from a starting point.


The Enterprise Routing Module consists of the following stages:

  • Get Travel Boundary—Allows you to obtain polygons corresponding to an isochrone or isodistance calculation. An isochrone is a polygon or set of points representing an area that can be traversed in a network from a starting point in a given amount of time. An isodistance is a polygon or set of points representing the area that is a certain distance from the starting point.
  • Get Travel Cost Matrix—Calculates the travel time and distances between an array of start and end locations.
  • Get Travel Directions—Allows you to route from one point to another point or from one point to multiple other points.
  • Route—Determines the shortest or fastest route between two distinct points.
  • Travel Boundary—Determines a drive or walk-time or distance boundary from a given point or location.