Remote Component Configuration

All spatial services in the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform are deployed into a remote component (JVM instance) that is separate from the platform runtime. This ensures the platform is independent of the modules within it and that JVM configuration can be applied to the spatial services, allowing flexibility of memory allocation and tuning for performance based on the characteristics of those services.

The remote component supplies spatial functions to spatial services (such as the Feature Service and Mapping Service) and stages (such as the Spatial Calculator and Query Spatial Data). The pool size for a remote component is the number of requests the component can handle concurrently. This affects the throughput of both spatial services and spatial stages.

To manage permissions for the spatial remote component, use the Management Console as you would for any other secured entity type. The spatial remote component is listed as the "Spatial Component" secured entity type under the Databases Resources group. You can set permissions for the spatial remote component when creating or editing roles or by using access control settings. See Managing Security for more information.