Configuring Request Timeouts

Spectrum Spatial allows you to set a timeout for SOAP and REST operations as part of a request to the Mapping and Feature services. The timeout is enabled by default with a value of 300 seconds (5 minutes).

To apply the timeout, entry and intermediate pointcuts need to be configured. This is done in the aop.xml located under server/modules/spatial/. The file includes several implementations that you can use. The entry point is the point where the timeout starts measuring time. The intermediary points are where the timeout checks if the operation timed out.

Use this, for example, when you want to apply a timeout to SOAP and REST renderMap methods and some intermediary steps (calls to the database, searching tables, retrieving candidates).

To adjust the default timeout value of 300 seconds, edit the timeout property for the Mapping and/or Feature services in the located under /server/modules/spatial.


If the specified timeout value is <= 0, then the timeout will be disabled.

After changing the timeout value changes, restart Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform.