Describe a Table's Metadata


Returns metadata for a named table in the repository. Information in the response includes the table coordinate reference system, bounding box, columns and their types, and geohash index details (scale and precision).

ACL Authorization Flow

To return metadata for a single named table in the repository, the user (or any roles they belong to) will need Execute permission on the named table in the following manner:

  • “EXECUTE” for entity type “Location Intelligence.Named Resources”


The following format is used for HTTP GET requests:

HTTP GET /tables/tablename/metadata.rep


For information on the parameter types listed below, see Request URL Data Types.

Parameter Type Required Description
tablename String yes The name of the table to return metadata. The table is specified by a Regex for the named table to render based on the location of the named table in the repository. The name of the named table is defined between the /tables portion of the URL and the /metadata.rep portion of the URL. For example, to return the metadata for a named table located at /Samples/NamedTables/WorldTable in the repository, the following URL would be used:
rep String yes The representation to be returned. Supported representation is json.


Returns metadata for a named table in the repository.


Returns the metadata for the table WorldTable located in the /Samples/NamedTables directory in the repository.