Step 2: Add the Toronto Named Map to the Repository

The next step is to create a named map for Toronto in the repository by uploading an MWS file. This map will show the user where each subway station is.

  1. Find the file system location of the MWS file and the TAB files that the MWS references.
  2. Copy the TAB files to a location on the file system that is accessible to the Mapping Service.
  3. Open the Management Console.
  4. Expand Modules > Location Intelligence > Tools then click Named Maps.
  5. Click Add. The Add Named Map dialog box will appear.
  6. Select the MWS file in the MWS source field using the browser button. This MWS file will be used to define the named map.
  7. In the Named Map name field enter the name. Use the repository browser button and select the directory in the repository and enter the named map name, or enter the repository path and named map name information in the field.
  8. Select Create named tables. This option will generate new named tables in the repository in the specified folder defined in the Named tables path field. The data source name from the MWS file is used for the named tables.
  9. Set the Local data path and Server data path. Local data path is local to where you are running Management Console. Server data path is the path where Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform is running. The local data path will be replaced with the server data path.
  10. To create new named tables, set the Named tables path and leave the Overwrite named tables checkbox empty.
    The Named tables path is the location in the repository where the named tables will be created. If the location doesn't exist, it will be created when you click OK.
  11. To overwrite named tables that exist at the location specified in the Named tables path, select the Overwrite named tables checkbox.

    If you do not check the Overwrite named tables checkbox when there are existing named tables, no new named tables are created. The existing ones will be used for the named map.

  12. Click OK.

The named map of Toronto and the required named tables have now been added to the repository and are available to the Mapping Service.