Using Layers with Stacked Styles

Layers with stacked styles cannot be uploaded. To create multiple layers that will re-created stacked styles and work with the Map Uploader:
  1. Create a version of the first layer in a supported datasource such as native TAB using the Save Copy As command from the HOME tab.
    Note: Supported datasources include:
    • native TAB
    • native extended TAB (NativeX)
    • GeoPackage
    • Spatial databases (PostGIS, Oracle, SQL Server)
  2. Copy the new native table to the server. Like all other tables, the datasource must be accessible to the server via a named connection. So put it in a location under an existing connection or put it somewhere and create a connection to it. (to find location connections point to open the connection's detail page in Spatial Manager and look at the "Source Folder" property).
    Note: If Spectrum Spatial is getting its data from a database then a user needs to put the table in their spatial database. Like a flat-file TAB, that database needs to be available to the server via a connection.
  3. Remove the unsupported layer from the MapInfo Pro map.
  4. Add the newly created layer to the MapInfo Pro map in the same place as the unsupported layer, with the same label and display settings, re-creating any themes.
  5. Repeat the previous steps for each layer.
  6. Upload the map.