Web Service Layers

MapInfo Pro users can connect to a Bing tile service or other tile service and create map layers from those tiles. Spectrum Spatial and Spectrum Spatial Analyst do work with these services, however those tables and layers cannot be part of a named map. You can either cancel or continue without the unsupported layers.

MapInfo Pro users also can connect to an OGC web service (such as WFS, WMS, or WMTS) and create map layers from the data on those servers. Although Spectrum Spatial and Spatial Analyst also support WFS, WMS, and WMTS, those tables or layers cannot be part of a named map. You can continue without the layer or cancel the operation. If you require a WFS layer in your named map; however, you can convert the file to a native TAB or any other supported datasource (see Using Data from Unsupported Datasources).

For all types of service layers (OGC, Bing, tile service), you can set the map config via the Admin Console to enable them in Spectrum Spatial Analyst. For more information, see the Spectrum Spatial Analyst Administration Guide at pitneybowes.com.