element UpdateNamedResourceRequest
diagram namedresource_p18.png
namespace http://www.mapinfo.com/midev/service/namedresource/v1
type tns:UpdateNamedResourceRequest
content   complex
children tns:Resource tns:Path
Name    Type    Use    Default    Fixed    Annotation
id    xsd:string    optional         
A unique identifier that is returned in the response. It is used for debugging or keeping track of asynchronous requests.
locale    xsd:string    optional         
The language and country code of the request, which is defined using [language_code]_[country_code] syntax. The language code is a 2-letter ISO-639 code. The country code is a 2-letter ISO-3166 code. For example: en_US stands for the English language within the United States of America.
The request to update an existing named resource in the repository. This operation will replace the existing resource in the repository with the resource defined in the request. The resource type of the resource defined in the request must match the resource type of the existing resource in the repository.

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