Returns the value of a Grid at the specified point location.

If the Grid file type is numeric, as is the case for continuous grids (.GRD), the return type is a double.

If the Grid file type is character-based, as in the case of classified grids (.GRC), the return type will be a string.


MI_GridValueAt ( GridInfo, Point )


GridInfo is an expression which returns a GridInfo, where GridInfo is the name of the raster column in the table, by default it is MI_RASTER,

Point is an expression which returns a point geometry representing the X and Y coordinate. See MI_Point for more information.


Determines the grid value of the MI_RASTER column at the specified point geometry from the table named GRIDTABLE.

select MI_GridValueAt("MI_RASTER", MI_POINT(-107.7, 37.9, 'EPSG:4326')) from "/GRIDTABLE"


Raster tables expose a RasterInfo and grid tables expose a GridInfo as the value for the MI_Raster column. This function applies only to grid images (.GRD and .GRC).