Visual Insights Data Mart Management

The Visual Insights Data Mart Management screen displays the data stores and their details.

Functionality Description
Filter Enter any specific data store name to filter out the data stores.
Delete data store Select the specific data store to be deleted and click the Delete data store icon above the data store list.
Note: On deleting a Visual Insights data store from Management Console, the deleted virtual data source is also deleted from the list of data stores on the Spectrumâ„¢ Visual Insights web interface.
View data store details

Select the data store and click the View data store details icon above the data store list.

Details of the fields listed in the selected data store and the data type of each of the fields are displayed in the Properties section.

To configure the time for clearing the selected data store:
  1. Mark the Empty Data Store checkbox.
  2. Select the clear time in the Clear timeout in mins field.
Note: The default clear time is 240 minutes.
Name Indicates the data store name.
Dataflow Name Indicates the dataflow name using which a dataflow is created and data is populated into the data store.
Stage Name Indicates the stage name that created that specific data store.
Size Indicates the number of records existing in a specific data store.
Last Modified At Indicates the date and time when the data store was last modified.
Last Modified By Indicates the name of the user who modified the data store.
Rows Per Page Select the number of records to be displayed on each page.