Write to VI Data Mart

The Write to VI Data Mart stage allows creation of a physical data store by collating data from multiple data sources, in the Spectrum database Visual Insights Data Mart.

The Model Stores created in Metadata Insights, based on the Visual Insights Data Mart data stores are accessible both from within Spectrum™ Technology Platform as well as from outside using JDBC connections.
Note: For more information about JDBC driver configurations, see the Data Sources chapter of the Administration Guide.
Field Description
Data Store Name Enter a unique name for the virtual data source.
Note: If you enter a duplicate name in Data Store Name, an error is returned. Underscore (_) is allowed in the name.
Create Data Store Click Create Data Store to create the data store. This is mandatory to create the Virtual Data Source. On clicking Create Data Store, a Virtual Data Source is created in Metadata Insights.
Attention: Before clicking Create Data Store, you must configure all other stage options, including reloading the fields if required.
Reload Fields Reloads all fields as present in input, allowing selection of the required fields.
VI Fields Indicates all fields present in the selected data sources.
Data Store Field Indicates each field present in the selected data source.
Note: Only uppercase characters, numeric values, and underscore (_) are allowed in the names of the data store fields. Special characters must not be entered.
Warning: Usage of special characters in the data store field names results in an exception. Ensure you remove all special characters, apart from underscore, from the field names in the input stage to the Write to VI Data Mart stage. Alternatively, you can edit the field names in the Write to VI Data Mart stage.
Stage Field Indicates the actual name of each field received from the source stage.
Type Indicates the datatype of each field.
Include Select fields to be passed to Spectrum Visual Insights™ module for processing and visualization. By default, all fields are selected. Unselect the fields which are not to be included while creating the Virtual Data Source.

To manage the Spectrum™ Visual Insights Data Mart through Management Console, refer to Managing the Data Store.

Important: To access a VI data mart, you must establish JDBC connections using the database name VIDataMart and the port number for the respective VI data mart. The default port for VI data marts is 9003.

To change the default port value, open the configuration file <Spectrum installation folder>\server\modules\svi\conf\vidatamart\internaldatastore_config.properties and modify the property:

 vidatamart.server.port=<desired port number>