Connecting to Data Source

In Spectrum Visual Insights™, the only data source you can connect to is Model Stores configured and deployed in the Metadata Insights module.
Note: For details on creating and deploying model stores, refer to the Metadata Insights guide.

To connect to a data source, perform these tasks:

  1. On the Spectrum Visual Insights™ home page, click () Add > Data Source.
    The New Connection pop-up window is displayed.
  2. Select Create a data source connection using JDBC.
  3. In the New Connection pop-up window, specify these connection parameters:
    • A name for the connection
    • Description of the connection
    • Spectrum Model Store as the database type
      Note: This is the only database type you can connect to in Visual Insights.
    • Spectrum™ Technology Platform host detail
    • Port for connecting to the model store
      Note: The default port is 32750.
    • Name of the model store to which you are connecting
    • Credentials to connect to the model store in Metadata Insights
  4. Click and select Test Connection.
    If the connection succeeds, Connection Succeeded message is displayed.
  5. Click Create View to move to the next stage, and specify these details:
    • Your view type
      Note: Details of the view type are displayed when you select the option.
    • The table of the model store that you want to analyze.
    • Name your view and its description
  6. Click Create Analysis to begin creating reports and charts using data in the selected table of the model store.