Installing Spectrum Visual Insights™

Spectrum Visual Insights™ is a standalone installation, which runs in its own environment, outside Spectrum™ Technology Platform server. The installer, in the form of an executable jar, is located at: <Spectrum Installation path>/server/modules/svi/installer. You need SVI license file for completing the installation.
  • Java version is same as that required for Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation or later than that.
  • Spectrum™ Technology Platform 12.1 is installed.

Perform these steps to install Spectrum Visual Insights™:

  1. Click the svi-installer<version number>.jar at this file path on your Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation: <Location of Spectrum Installation>/server/modules/svi/installer.
  2. Select the language, and click Next.
    Note: The language options are: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German.
    The Spectrum Visual Insights™ installation home panel is displayed.
  3. Select the appropriate pack and click Next. The Core pack is mandatory and is auto selected.
    Note: As you click the packs, information about the related content and total space required to install it is displayed below the package snapshot.

    You can also select multiple packs.

  4. Locate the license file using the Browse button, select it, and click Next.
  5. In the General Options, specify these details and click Next:
    Web Server Port
    The HTTP port that you want to use for running Spectrum Visual Insights™. The default port is 8080.
    Windows Service
    Select Install Windows service check box to install Spectrum Visual Insights™ as a Windows service (with name: SpectrumVisualInsights).
  6. Specify the type of database on which you want to install Spectrum Visual Insights™. The supported databases are: AS400, CacheDB, DB2, HSQLDB, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Progress, and Sybase ASE/ASA/IQ.
    Note: TiDB is in beta phase and HSQL embedded Configuration Database is not supported in production in this release.
  7. Specify these connection details for the selected database, and click Next.:
    Database Server Location
    Enter the host, port, and name of the selected database server. Select the Create new database check box to create a new database.
    Note: Only a user having administrator-level access to the database server can create a new database. Enter the credentials, if you have that access, in the Administrator User section.
    Database User
    Enter the credentials of the database user. If you are a new user, select the Create new user check box and enter details.
    The installation completes and you receive a message: Spectrum Visual Insights <version> is now installed!
  8. Select the path where you want to install tSpectrum Visual Insights™. The default path installs it in the same directory as Spectrum™ Technology Platform.
  9. Click Done to exit the installer window.
    Spectrum Visual Insights™ is installed in the same folder where you have installed Spectrum™ Technology Platform.
  10. To start the Spectrum Visual Insights™ server, click the startup icon at the location where SVI is installed, or alternately, run the startup.bat at this location: <SVI install location>\appserver\bin.
The Spectrum Visual Insights™ is installed with repository configured. You now need to log in to it to create a data source connection, views, content categories and perform other activities. For details, see Signing In to Spectrum Visual Insights™.