Upgrading Spectrum Visual Insights™

You need to export the SVI contents from the current Spectrum™ Technology Platform version before running the upgrade process.

Perform these steps for the upgrading Spectrum Visual Insights™:

  1. Export these user-created components in the current installation to a location from where you will later import these to the new installation.
    Note: You do not need to export tutorial data.
    • Content Category ‘Visual Inisghts Reports’ and Content Subcategory ‘Visual Insights Entities’ and any other content category and subcategory you added.
    • Imported model stores. You can find these under Datasources category
    • Views
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Storyboard
  2. Take a back-up of the exported components (in the step above) and the configuration database specified in the install.properties at: <Spectrum server location>/modules/svi/repositoryinstaller.
  3. Upgrade Spectrum™ Technology Platform from your current version to 12.1.
    Note: For the installation steps, see Installing Spectrum Visual Insights™.
  4. Start the Spectrum Visual Insights™ server and log in with default credentials.
    Note: For steps to sign in to Spectrum Visual Insights™, see Signing In to Spectrum Visual Insights™.
  5. Import the user-created components (exported in the first step) as described below.
    Note: To run the upgrade successfully, the components need to be imported in the sequence given below.
    1. In the Administration menu, click Import.
    2. Browse the location where you exported the file, select the file, click Custom Import, and click Continue.
      All the components in the file get listed on the left panel of the Import page.
    3. Drag the components one at a time to the right panel, specify settings for the components as described below, and click Import.
      Note: You need to import Content Category and Content Subcategory first. The other components can be imported at one go after specifying the settings as described below.
      • Content Category and Content Subcategory: Click followed by Import.
        Note: No warning is displayed when you click Import. If the import is successful, the pop-up automatically closes.
      • Database connections: Click and in the pop-up displayed, enter the Host detail of Spectrum™ Technology Platform server, click Test Connection, and click Import.
        Note: Perform this for all the connections you import
        Note: For the test connection to be successful, ensure that Spectrum™ Technology Platform server is up and the relevant model stores are deployed in Metadata Insights. The default port to connect to the model stores is 32750.
      • Views: Click and in the pop-up displayed, click Match Linked Content. Since the datasources are already imported, it will auto-populate it for the view. You can leave the Subfolder field blank, and click Import.
        Note: Perform this for all the views.
      • Reports, Dashboard and Storyboards: Click and in the pop-up displayed, click Match Linked Content, and click Import.
        Note: On clicking the Match Linked Content the associated items are auto-populated.
All the user-defined components are now imported to this version of Spectrum Visual Insights™. You can now start working on these.