What is Spectrum Visual Insights™?

The Spectrum Visual Insights™ Module allows you to visualize complex data from heterogeneous data sources using powerful dashboard, reporting, and charting tools. It allows you to take informed business decisions by effectively analyzing the reports and charts.

The Spectrum Visual Insights™ Module provides:

  • Platform to view information in a uniform user interface through unified views of data.
  • Consolidation of data from multiple data sources in common reports, thus saving you from combining data manually.
  • Analytical and adhoc reporting capabilities that facilitate quick retrieval of new or different combinations of data.
  • Capability to design reports autonomously, rather than depending upon experts.
  • Access rights based on roles for generating reports and charts.
  • User-friendly user interface with multiple visualization options, such as graphs and charts to choose from.
  • Reduced time and effort for generating standard reports for the organization.
  • Rich, exact, up-to-date and visually appealing information formats for decision makers.

To visualize data and generate reports, the Spectrum Visual Insights™ Module utilizes data through the Model Store created and deployed through Metadata Insights. For more information about Model Store creation, see Metadata Insights Guide.