GetTravelBoundary HTTP POST Options


In addition to the regular HTTP GET parameters, you can add a HTTP POST payload option to your request that specifies ambient speed changes for road types. The content type must be set to application/json. The following format is used for HTTP POST requests:

HTTP POST:  /rest/Spatial/erm/databases/dbsource.json?q=travelBoundary&query_parameters
POST BODY: Content-Type:application/json {Route Data}

Ambient Speeds

This set of preferences allows you to set ambient speed changes for each request. An ambient speed is a change to the speed in the normal data to travel off a network road when finding the travel boundary. Examples of off-network travel include driveways and access roads. The following is a description of the ambient speed parameters:




The speed to travel when going off a network road to find the travel boundary (for all road types). To control how off-network travel is used in the travel boundary calculation, you need to specify the speed of travel off the road network (the ambient speed). Ambient speed can affect the size and shape of the travel boundary polygon. In general, the faster the ambient speed, the larger the polygon. For example, if you were at a point with 5 minutes left, and if the ambient speed were 15 miles per hour, boundary points would be put at a distance of 1.25 miles. If the ambient speed were reduced to 10 miles per hour, boundary points would be put at a distance of 0.83 miles.
Note: Default DefaultAmbientSpeed is 15


The unit of measure to use to calculate the ambient speed. Available speed units are: MPH(miles per hour), KPH(kilometers per hour), MTPS(meters per second), MTPM(meters per minute).
Note: Default AmbientSpeedUnit is MPH


Specifies the ambient speed to use for off-network travel based on the road type. You must specify both the road type and the new speed for that road type. The speed is defined in the defined AmbientSpeedUnit. The following road types can be used:

  • access way
  • back road
  • connector
  • ferry
  • footpath
  • limited access dense urban
  • limited access rural
  • limited access suburban
  • limited access urban
  • local road dense urban
  • local road rural
  • local road suburban
  • local road urban
  • major local road dense urban
  • major local road rural
  • major local road suburban
  • major local road urban
  • major road dense urban
  • major road rural
  • major road suburban
  • major road urban
  • minor local road dense Urban
  • minor local road rural
  • minor local road suburban
  • minor local road urban
  • mormal road dense urban
  • normal road rural
  • normal road rural
  • normal road urban
  • primary highway dense urban
  • primary highway rural
  • primary highway suburban
  • primary highway urban
  • ramp dense urban
  • ramp limited access
  • ramp major road
  • ramp primary highway
  • ramp rural
  • ramp secondary highway
  • ramp urban
  • ramp suburban
  • secondary highway dense urban
  • secondary highway rural
  • secondary highway suburban
  • secondary highway urban

Example ambient speed update HTTP POST payload.

 	"DefaultAmbientSpeed": 45,
 	"AmbientSpeedUnit" : "MPH",