Removing a Node from a Cluster

To remove a node from a cluster, stop the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.

  1. To stop the server, right-click the Spectrum™ Technology Platform icon in the Windows system tray (shown below) and select Stop Spectrum™.
  2. Stop the node you want to remove:
    change the working directory to the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server's bin directory, source the setup file, then type the following command: ./server.stop .
    On Windows, right-click the Spectrum™ Technology Platform icon in the system tray and select Stop Spectrum™.
  3. Open the file server/app/conf/ in a text editor and set spectrum.cluster.enabled to false.
  4. On each of the other nodes in the cluster, open the file and remove the node from the spectrum.cluster.seeds property.

For Location Intelligence Module users: If you want to keep the node standalone and able to run outside the cluster, copy back the original repository.xml file and remove the following folders from the /server/modules/spatial/jackrabbit directory for each instance of Spectrum™ Technology Platform: repository, version, workspaces. Restart the server and import the repository content.