Converting to a Separated Configuration Database

Converting an existing Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation to a separated configuration database enables you to take advantage of the improved scalability of a separated configuration database. When you convert to a separated configuration database, your existing installation is converted from one where the configuration database is part of the server to one where the configuration database is in a separate cluster.

At a high level, this is the conversion process:

  • Stop your existing Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.
  • Set up the new configuration database cluster:
    • Install the separate configuration database software on a new server.
    • Copy your existing configuration database to the new server.
    • Configure clustering and start the configuration database cluster.
  • Install the server-only cluster and start it up.
Note: This procedure applies both to converting a single server to a separated configuration database, and converting a cluster to a separated configuration database.

To convert to a separated configuration database:

  1. Back up module-specific data for any of these modules if you have them installed.
    Module Items to Back Up
    Advanced Matching Module, Data Normalization Module, and Universal Name Module Back up the contents of these subfolders located in SpectrumLocation/server/modules:
    • cdqdb
    • lucene
    • matcher
    • parser
    • searchindex
    • tables
    Data Hub Module Open the Relationship Analysis Client and click Manage. Select the model you want to back up then click Backup.
    In addition to backing up your models, back up these two property files:
    • SpectrumFolder\server\modules\hub\
    • SpectrumFolder\server\modules\hub\db\
    Location Intelligence Module Back up your named resources, data, and configuration files.
  2. If the server you are converting is running Spectrum™ Technology Platform 11.0 SP1 or earlier, you must upgrade to the latest version of Spectrum™ Technology Platform before converting from a standard installation to a separated configuration database. For more information, see Upgrading a Server (for upgrading a single server) or Upgrading a Cluster (for upgrading a cluster).
  3. Stop the server. If you have a clustered installation, stop the cluster.
  4. Install the configuration database to a new server.
    1. Place the Spectrum™ Technology Platform installer on the machine where you want to install the configuration database. This must be a different machine from the one where you have your existing Spectrum™ Technology Platform server installed.
    2. Double-click installdb.exe.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the configuration database.
      Important: When prompted with the option to start Spectrum™ Technology Platform after the installation, you must disable this option so that the database does not start automatically when the installation completes.
    4. Copy the Database\repository\data\databases folder from your existing server to the server where you installed the separate configuration database. Replace the existing folder.
    5. Configure the cluster properties for the database cluster by editing the file Database\repository\ as described in Cluster Properties for a Configuration Database Cluster.
    6. Save and close the file.
    7. Start the configuration database. To start the configuration database, right-click the Spectrum™ Technology Platform icon in the Windows system tray and select Start Spectrum™. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Services control panel to start the configuration database by starting the Spectrum Database service.
    8. Install the configuration database on additional servers as needed to complete the configuration database cluster.
  5. Install the server.
    1. (Optional) If you are upgrading to a new version and you want to use the same machine to host the upgraded server as hosted the existing server, uninstall the existing server of Spectrum™ Technology Platform.
    2. Install the server cluster. For more information, see Installing a Cluster.
      Important: When installing each server select the Server only option in the installer and provide the host and port of one or more of the configuration database servers. You can find the port in the file InstallationLocation\Database\repository\ The port is specified in the spectrum.repository.server.connector.bolt.port property.