Before you install on Unix or Linux

Running as root user

You cannot run Spectrum™ Technology Platform as a root user. This type of installation is no longer supported.

You will see a prompt to designate the owner as part of the installation process.

  • For new installations, do not install with the root user as the owner of the Spectrum™ Technology Platform installation.
  • For upgrade installations, if root is the owner of the Spectrum directory, you will have to change the owner at installation time. If you do not change the installation ownership, the server will not start.

Open JDK version

You must have the OpenJDK Java 8 JDK (64-bit) for AIX installed to run Spectrum™ Technology Platform. If you do not have the OpenJDK version installed, you can download it from this site. Follow the links to download and install the Java 8 OpenJDK (64-bit).