Creating a Map Image File Share on Unix/Linux

The file share provides a folder to hold map images generated by Spectrum Spatial. Create a shared folder accessible to all Spectrum nodes. The file share is not required if maps are returned from the web services as Base64-encoded images.

To create a map image file share on Unix/Linux:

  1. Mount a shared folder on each operating system hosting Spectrum. The commands below mount a drive on a Microsoft Windows Server or network drive supporting CIFS.
    mkdir /mnt/<linux mount>
    mount -t cifs //<windows host>/<windows share> /mnt/<linux mount>-o username=shareuser,password=sharepassword,domain=pbi
  2. Set the image share to load at startup in /etc/fstab.
    //<windows ip address for share>/share /path_to/mount cifs username=server_user,password=secret,_netdev 0 0