Permissions Tab

The Permissions tab allows the admin or sub admin to view and edit all the users and roles that have permission for the resource and to see permissions on the referenced resources. This tab is not visible when the user has only read permisison. The tab only appears for the named resources that have a details page.

The Permissions tab appears on the details page of any named resource. When you click a resource, a details page appear with several tabs. The Permission tab contains user names and their respective permissions. For named tables, you can set read, insert, update, and delete permissions. For named layers, named tiles, and named maps, you can set read permission.

Apply Changes

You can add or remove permissions using check boxes. Click Apply Changes to consolidate the changes. The button remains disabled until no changes are made.
Note: If all the permissions are revoked from a role or user, the same will not appear on the page when the admin revisits the same page.