Deleting an Entity

If the entity you want to delete in Draft stage, it gets removed as soon as you delete it. However, an entity in other approval stage, or a published entity will follow the entire work flow before getting removed from the system. And even as the entity gets deleted the tagged messages remain in the system for reference.

Note: You need to have Steward role mapped to your user ID to be able to delete entity details.
Note: The deleted entities follow the entire approval flow before those get removed from the system.

To delete an entity from Business Glossary:

  1. On the Metadata Insights menu bar, click Edit Glossary.
  2. From the list of entities displayed on the page, select the required entity and click the Delete Entity icon .
    In case the list of entities is long, you can filter those using:
    • The associated tags: Tags represent the category to which the entity belongs. You can associate multiple tags to an entity. To filter using tags, click the Tags drop-down on the right side above the entity list, and select the required tag.
    • Name or description of the entities: To filter using the name of the entity or its description, write it in the type-ahead text box beside the Tags drop-down.
  3. Click Yes on the Confirm Entity Delete pop-up.
    Note: To delete multiple entities in one go, select all those and click the Delete Entity icon .