Glossary Entity Details

The Glossary Entity Details page shows the basic details of the entity, its scorecard and the history of the entity.

  1. On the Glossary Entity tab, click the name of the entity, details of which you want to view.
    The Glossary Entity Details page is displayed, showing these details.
    • Name and details of the entity
    • Tags associated with the entity
    • The entity tracker: It graphically displays the stage of the entity versus the work flow. Click at any place in the tracker to view detailed tracking, such as Last Modified By and Last Modified On for each of the stages.
    • Basic Information of the entity
    • Scorecard of the entity
    • History of the entity
    • Comments on the entity
  2. Click the Basic Information tab
    These details are displayed:
    • Version
    • Last Modified By
    • Last Modified On
    • Approval Deadline
    • Properties: Displays the name, description, and type of the entity.
  3. Click the Scorecard tab.
  4. Click the History tab.
    It displays the older versions and details of the entity.
    • Version: Shows all the versions of the entity. The version with this icon is the currently used version.
    • Change Description corresponding to each version
    • Last modified by: Name of the user who last modified the version.
    • Last modified on
  5. Click to show and hide the comments panel.
    The comments panel displays all the comments on the entity given by various users.