Modifying Entity Details

You modify details of entities in these two conditions:
  • The entities you saved as draft
  • The entities sent back to your queue by reviewers for modification. (This too will display in Draft stage in your dashboard)
Note: You need to have Steward role mapped to your user ID to be able to modify entity details.
Note: The modified entities follow the entire approval flow before those get published.

To modify entity details:

  1. Log in with your credentials.
  2. On the Metadata Insights menu bar, click Edit Glossary.
  3. On the Dashboard page, click the required entity in the My Tasks table.
    The Edit Glossary Entity page is displayed.
    Note: You can also reach this page by clicking the Edit entity icon on the Entity Details page.
  4. Modify details, as required, and click Save.
    The entity is saved and displayed on theBusiness Glossary page.
  5. To send the entry for review and approval, click Publish.
    The entity moves to the next level per the defined work flow. The page listing the Define Glossary entities displays the Status as Pending Approval - Level 1.
This entity is now displayed on the dashboard of the users mapped as Level 1 approvers in Management Console.