Modify Semantic Type

To modify details of a semantic type:

  1. On the Metadata Insights menu bar, click Define Glossary > Semantic Type.
  2. From the list of semantic types displayed on the page, select the required semantic type and click the Edit Semantic Type icon . Alternatively, directly click the name link of the semantic type.
    In case the list of semantic types is long, you can filter those using:
    • The associated tags: Tags represent the category to which the semantic type belongs. You can associate multiple tags to a semantic type. To filter using tags, click the Tags drop-down on the right side above the semantic type list, and select the required tag.
    • Name or description of the semantic type: To filter using the name of the semantic type or its description, write it in the type-ahead text box beside the Tags drop-down.
    The Edit Semantic Type page is displayed.
  3. Modify details, as required, and click Save.
    The entity is saved and displayed in the Semantic Type tab of the Define Glossary page.