Creating a new Data Hub Model in Metadata Insights

A Data Hub model is created by adding business entities to it, defining relationships among the entities, and defining properties of the entities and relationships.

The Spectrum Data Hub module must be installed on the Spectrum server for you to perform this procedure.
  1. On the Metadata Insights menu bar, click Model.
    The Logical Model tab is displayed by default.
  2. Click the Data Hub Model tab.
  3. Click the Add model button .
    This opens Create Hub Model and displays an empty canvas on the Hub Schema tab.
  4. Next to Name, enter a name for the Data Hub model.
    The name must begin with a letter and only include alphanumeric characters and the underscore.
  5. Perform activities described in Editing a Data Hub Model in Metadata Insights to assemble the model.
    Note: To add virtual metadata to a Data Hub model, see Using Virtual Metadata in Data Hub Models.
  6. When you finish editing the model, click Save.

This saves the Data Hub model and opens the Data Hub Model tab of the Modeling page. The details displayed for the new Data Hub model are:

The name of the Data Hub model.
Logical Model
This is empty for an entirely new model. When a logical model is used to create a Data Hub model it shows the name of the logical model.
Last Modified
The date and time that the model was last modified on the server.