Creating a Data Hub Model from a Logical Model in Metadata Insights

This procedure describes how to use a logical model as a template to create a Data Hub model in Metadata Insights.

  1. On the Metadata Insights menu bar, click Modeling.
    The Logical Model tab is displayed by default.
  2. Select the check box for the logical model you want to use, and click the Create data hub module button on the toolbar.
    Alternatively, in the Actions column for a logical model, you can click the Create data hub module button .
    This switches to the Create Hub Model tab and displays the logical model entities and relationships in a new Data Hub model. The Data Hub model initially has the same name as the logical model.
  3. Next to Name, you can edit the name of the Data Hub model.
    The name must begin with a letter and only include alphanumeric characters and the underscore.
  4. On the canvas, you can edit entities and relationships in the model.
  5. Click Save.

    This saves the Data Hub model and opens the Data Hub Model tab of the Modeling page. The details displayed for the new Data Hub model are:

    The name of the Data Hub model.
    Logical Model
    This shows the name of the logical model that was used to create the Data Hub model.
    Last Modified
    The date and time that the model was last modified on the server.