Criteria Builder

Components of a Criterion

The criteria builder of a logical entity consists of a parent group, which comprises of a hierarchy of child criteria and child groups.
A group is defined using multiple criteria and child groups. You can create a hierarchy of child groups and criteria up to any desired level within the parent group.

For each group, you need to specify whether the data fetched from the source physical model tables needs to satisfy all, at least one, or none of the defined criteria of that group.

A criterion is defined using either one or two operands and a logical operator.

The selected logical operator either compares the left operand to the values defined in the right operand, or places a condition on the left operand.

Left Operand
The column of the physical model table on which you want to define the criterion.
Right Operand
The right operand is defined as any one of these:
  • A constant
  • A set of constants
  • A column of any of the physical model tables
  • A set of columns of any of the physical model tables
The logical operator defines the condition to be fulfilled for the criterion. The operator can:
  • Place a condition on the left operand.
  • Place a condition comparing the left operand with the right operand.