Applying Constant Transformation

A constant transformation allows you to apply a constant value to define an attribute of a logical entity or one of the parameters of a function transformation.

  1. Click the Browse tab on the Entity Transformation wizard.
  2. From the Attribute List, select the required attribute.
  3. Select the Constant transformation type option.
    The Type dropdown list is displayed.
  4. Select the type of constant to be applied.
  5. Specify the constant Value.
  6. Click OK.
    The specified constant transformation is applied on the selected attribute and this detail is displayed: <Constant type>/<Constant value>.
    Note: To delete the mapping, click corresponding to it. To cancel the updates made to this pop-up, click the Cancel button.
  7. Click OK.
    The mappings are displayed on the Create Mapping page.
  8. To save details, click Save on the Create Mapping page.