Searching for specific asset to map

Use this option when you want to search for a specific table or column across the physical models and discovered connections.
  1. Click the Search tab on the Entity Transformation wizard.
  2. From the Attribute List, click on the attribute you want to map.
  3. In the Search for an asset text box, enter the name of the asset you want to map the attribute to, and press Enter.
    Note: You can also search for an asset with its tag.
    A list of tables with the specified asset is displayed.
  4. Click the required table.
    A list of columns in the selected table is displayed.
  5. Click the mapping icon corresponding to the required column.
    It gets mapped to the selected attribute. The details (table name/column name) are displayed below the attributes with the mapping icon .
    Note: To delete the mapping, click corresponding to it. To cancel the updates made to this pop-up, click the Cancel button.
  6. Click OK.
    The mappings are displayed on the Create Mapping page.
  7. To save details, click Save on the Create Mapping page.