Editing a Model Store

To modify an existing model store, perform these tasks on the Edit Model Store page.

Only an undeployed model store can be modified. To modify a deployed model store, you need to first undeploy it.

  1. On the Metadata Insights home page, click Modeling > Model Store.
  2. From the list of model stores displayed, select the model store that you want to modify, and click the Edit Model Store icon .
    Note: You can modify only those model stores that are not already deployed. For a deployed model store, the Edit Model Store icon will remain unavailable, till you undeploy it.
    The Edit Model Store page is displayed.
  3. Add or remove the physical or logical models, as required, by clicking the respective Include rows.
  4. Click Save or Save & Deploy, as needed.
    For successful deployment of a model store, ensure you avoid these two scenarios.
    • A constituent logical model is not mapped to any physical model.
    • For a logical model, any of its mapped physical model has not been selected for addition.