Collaborating on Data Profiling Results

You can do real-time collaboration on your Data Profiling Results by using the Comments button on the Data Profiling Results page. This feature is available at the Model, Table, and Column level and multiple users can see and build on each other's analysis of the profile results.

To add comments and collaborate on your Data Profiling Results, follow these steps:

  1. On the Data Profiling Results page, click the Comments icon on the right panel.
    A Comments text box is displayed.
  2. Add your findings on the displayed results to this text-box and click the Save button. Alternatively, you can press Alt + Enter keys.
    The entered comment is saved and becomes visible to other users.
    Note: Click the Cancel button if you do not want to save your comment.
  3. To tag your comment to any section of the report, use the # symbol followed by the section name. For example, at table level display, to tag your findings to the Completeness and Null Count Frequency of records, comment it as: #Completeness <your finding> #Null Count Frequency <your finding>
  4. To edit your comment, click the edit icon.
  5. To delete your comment, click the delete icon.