Viewing scorecard trends

Trends help you measure the improvement in the quality of your data over a period of time. For example, in a merger between two companies (Company A and Company B), company A needs to migrate customer data in its system from company B. It will run a scorecard on the data at the beginning of the process to see the quality and may thereafter do this scoring after every cleansing. Trends plot a chart based on your recent runs or for a specified date range to give you a clearer picture on the improvement index.

To view the trend:

  1. On the Metadata Insights Home page, click Profile & Monitor.
    The Scorecards tab is displayed.
  2. On the left pane of the page, select the scorecard for which you want to see the trend, and click the View Trends icon on the right side of the page.
  3. The Trends graph is displayed.
  4. You can view the trends on the basis of the Recent runs and Date range. Select the required option from the View by field.
  5. Use the arrows on the right of the View by field to restrict the number of runs you want to view.
  6. Click the View Dashboard button to go back to the Scorecard dashboard.