erm getsegmentdata

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.
The erm getsegmentdata command returns segments information for a given segment ID. Types of information returned are; segment ID, road type, length, speed, direction, time, road name. You must have the Spatial Module installed to use this command.


erm getsegmentdata --datasource db_resource --segmentid "segment_id"
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help erm getsegmentdata.
Yes--datasource db_resource

Specifies the name of the database resource to return data. For a list of existing routing database resources, use the ermdb list command.

Yes--segmentid "segment_id"

Indicates the segment to return the information. The segment is specified in the format specified in the data. For example, "7e3396fc:6e5251".


This example returns data for the specified segment from the US_NE database resources configured on the server.

erm getsegmentdata --datasource US_NE --segmentid "7e3396fc:6e5251"