erm resetpointupdate

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.
The erm resetpointupdate command returns any overrides to the original state of the data. You must have the Spatial Module installed to use this command.


erm resetpointupdate --datasource db_resource --point "x,y,coordsys" --resettype reset_type
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help erm resetpointupdate.
Yes--datasource db_resource

Specifies the name of the database resource that has the overrides. For a list of existing routing database resources, use the ermdb list command.

Yes--point "x,y,coordsys"

Indicates the point where the existing overrides are located. The point is specified in the format "x,y,coordsys", where coordsys is the coordinate system of the point.

Yes--resettype reset_type

The type of override to remove (undo).

Removes a speed update.
Removes an exclude update.


This example resets an existing exclude override for the given point, from the US_NE database resources configured on the server.

erm resetpointupdate --datasource US_NE --point "-72,40,epsg:4326" --resettype exclude