limrepo mwsimport

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.

The limrepo mwsimport command in the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Administration Utility allows you to provision a map from a MapInfo Workspace (MWS) file that has been created either by MapInfo Pro or the MapXtreme Workspace Manager into the Spectrum Spatial repository. The import will create the named map and all its dependent resources (layers, tables and connections). The connection is named by appending 'Connection’ to the map name. The named tables and named layers are created in subfolders (NamedTables and NamedLayers, respectively).

You must have the Spatial Module installed to use this command.


limrepo mwsimport --s MWSFilePath --o Output --p ServerPath
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help limrepo mwsimport.
Yes--s or source

Specifies the path to an MWS file on the local file system that is to be imported.

Yes--o or output

Specifies the path to the named map on the repository. All resources will be created within the same folder as the named map.

Yes--p or pathSpecifies the file path to the location of the data on the server. This path is used to create a named connection which is then referenced by all the named tables that are created. These tables will use file paths relative to that named connection.
No--l or localSpecifies the file path to the location of the data on the local file system, if the MWS contains file paths that do not exist on the server file system. Any occurrences of the specified value in the MWS file will be substituted with the specified server path. If you have partial paths in the MWS file, this is not required; this is usually the case with anything created from MapXtreme.


This example imports an MWS file on the D: drive (where the data on the server exists at C:\mydata) and provisions the named resources into /Europe/Countries in the repository.

limrepo mwsimport --s D:\europe.mws --o /Europe/Countries --p C:\mydata


The following named resources are created:

/Europe/Countries/Europe (named map)
/Europe/Countries/EuropeConnection (named connection)
/Europe/Countries/NamedTables/austria (named table)
/Europe/Countries/NamedTables/belgium (named table)
/Europe/Countries/NamedLayers/austria (named layer)
/Europe/Countries/NamedLayers/belgium (named layer)