Disabling SSL Communication with LDAP

If you have configured Spectrum™ Technology Platform to use SSL communication with LDAP or Active Directory and need to switch back to using TCP, follow this procedure.

  1. Stop the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.
    • To stop the server on Windows, right-click the Spectrum™ Technology Platform icon in the Windows system tray and select Stop Spectrum™. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Services control panel and stop the Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform service.
    • To stop the server on Unix or Linux, source the SpectrumDirectory/server/bin/setup script then execute the SpectrumDirectory/server/bin/server.stop script.
  2. Open this file in a text editor:


  3. Configure these properties:
    Change the URL of the LDAP server to use the TCP port rather than the SSL port. The default is 389. For example:
    Note: You must include a slash character at the end of the URL.
    Specify false to disable SSL communication with LDAP.
    Comment out this property.
    Comment out this property.