Adding a User

This procedure describes how to create a Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform user account and assign a role to the account.

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. Go to System > Security.
  3. Click the Add button .
  4. Leave the Enabled switch set to On if you want this user account to be available for use.
  5. Enter the user name in the User name field.
    Note: User names can only contain ASCII characters.
  6. Enter the user's email address in the Email address field. The email address is used by some modules to send notifications to users.
  7. Enter a description of the user in the Description field.
  8. Enter the user's password in the Password field.
  9. Reenter the user's password in the Confirm password field.
  10. Select the roles you want to give to this user.
  11. Click Save.