Getting Route Data using Management Console

Using the Management Console, you can preview and save segment information either from a closest point or segment ID. The GetRouteData service returns segment information for a point or segment ID. When a point is specified, the closest route segments are returned. When a segment ID is specified, the route data for that specified route segment is returned.

To preview and/or save route data:

  1. Open Management Console.
  2. Go to the Services menu and select Routing.
  3. Select Get Route Data from the services list.
  4. Select either Point Data or Segment Data from the Input Type field.
  5. Select the routing database resource from the Database field.

    If you need to add a new routing database resource, see Creating a Routing Database Resource.

  6. Enter the required information for the Input Type you selected.

    If you selected Point Data, enter the point coordinates and the coordinate system. If you selected Segment Data, enter the segment ID.

  7. Click Preview.

    The route segment data is returned in the Output Data section. When there are more than one segments associated with the input, the multiple segments will be listed with Segment Details 1, Segment Details 2, etc.

  8. Click either the Save button to save the routing data results as a text file, or the Clear button to remove the results from the Output Data.