Table 1. Get Route Data Options



Select Database

The name of the database that contains the data to use in the update process. Use the database name specified in the Spatial Module Routing Database Resource tool. For more information, see the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform Administration Guide.

Coordinate System

The coordinate system of the input coordinates.

For more information on EPSG codes, see www.spatialreference.org. To retrieve a list of supported codespaces for EPSG, you can submit the SOAP request List Supported CoordSys by Code Space from the Geometry Service Demo page at http://<server>:<port>/Spatial/GeometryService/DemoPage.html.

Get Point Data

The point to return the route data. You must specify a point which consists of a Latitude and Longitude.

Get Segment Data

The segment to return the route data. You must specify a valid segment ID.