Table 1. Get Travel Boundary Output Options



Result type

Specifies the type of result you want returned. One of the following:

Accessible Nodes
Returns all of the points along the road network that can be reached for the isoChrone calculation.
Returns the entire isoChrone.
Start Nodes
Returns the location specified.

Simplification factor

Specifies what percentage of the original points should be returned or upon which the resulting polygon should be based.

Banding style

Specifies the style of banding to be used in the result. Banding styles are the types of multiple isoChrone or distance bands that can be displayed based on multiple costs.

Each boundary is determined by subtracting out the next smallest boundary.
Each boundary is determined independent of all others.

Return holes

Specifies whether you want to return holes, which are areas within the larger boundary that cannot be reached within the desired time or distance, based on the road network.

Return islands

Specifies whether you want to return islands, which are small areas outside the main boundary that can be reached within the desired time or distance.