Get Travel Cost Matrix (Deprecated)

Get Travel Cost Matrix calculates the travel time and distances between an array of start and end locations. You can use Get Travel Cost Matrix to find the shortest or fastest paths between a number of start points and a number of end points, and determine the total time and distance of the individual routes (the route costs). For example if you input four start points (S1 through S4) and four end points (E1 through E4), a total of 16 routes will be returned as illustrated in the following diagram:

Matrix routing is often used to determine service response time and coverages for specific services such as a fire house or police station. You may require these calculations to ensure they can provide adequate coverage for service level agreements such as having one or more people who can respond to an incident within 20 minutes of first notification. The calculation can be used an analysis tool to determine the risk of an insured property or person based on the probability that ambulance, public safety, or fire personnel can reach the property/person in a reasonable amount of time.

Get Travel Cost Matrix is part of the Enterprise Routing Module.