This set of preferences allows you to set the desirability for each road type. For instance, you can request that the server attempt to avoid all of the major road types.

Table 1. Travel Preferences Options



Road preferences

Specifies the priority to give to different types of roads when determining the route.

You can set priority for the following road types:

  • access way
  • back road
  • connector
  • ferry
  • footpath
  • limited access dense urban
  • limited access rural
  • limited access suburban
  • limited access urban
  • local road dense urban
  • local road rural
  • local road suburban
  • local road urban
  • major local road dense urban
  • major local road rural
  • major local road suburban
  • major local road urban
  • major road dense urban
  • major road rural
  • major road suburban
  • major road urban
  • minor local road dense Urban
  • minor local road rural
  • minor local road suburban
  • minor local road urban
  • mormal road dense urban
  • normal road rural
  • normal road rural
  • normal road urban
  • primary highway dense urban
  • primary highway rural
  • primary highway suburban
  • primary highway urban
  • ramp dense urban
  • ramp limited access
  • ramp major road
  • ramp primary highway
  • ramp rural
  • ramp secondary highway
  • ramp urban
  • ramp suburban
  • secondary highway dense urban
  • secondary highway rural
  • secondary highway suburban
  • secondary highway urban

For each road type you can specify one of the following:

Exclude the road type from routes if possible.
Note: It is not always possible to exclude a road type from the travel directions. Depending on the situation, the alternative to an avoided road type may be so poor that the software will choose a route that uses an avoided road type. Also, if the starting or ending point lies along a segment whose road type has been avoided, the software will still use that segment.
Prefer the road type over other road types.
Prefer other road types over this road type.
Give this road type equal preference with other road types. If no preference is specified for a road type, the default is Medium.

Travel only on major roads

Specifies whether to include all roads in the calculation or just major roads. If you choose to include only major roads, performance will improve but accuracy may decrease.

This map represents a travel boundary with travel allowed on all roads:

This map represents a travel boundary with travel restricted to major roads only:


Toll Roads

Specifies whether you want a route with or without a toll road. The stage contains the "avoid Toll Roads" feature. There is a check box labeled "Toll Roads" on the UI. You can check it to avoid toll roads. You can also add or expose this parameter from input value as "TollRoad". The input value can contain Boolean values where False is the default value.

For Example:

Following route contains toll road information, which is mentioned in the following image:

Now, for the same points, if you check the toll Road or set the “TollRoad” parameter as True, the response contains a route without any toll roads. See the following response: