Reset Options

This set of preferences allows you to reset (undo) the updates for each point, segment, or road type update. This will simply clear the updates already applied for a point/segment/road type from the server and set them to their default values.

Note: Clicking the save button will reset all the persistent updates displayed in the list. You can delete resets from this list prior to saving.
Table 1. Reset Update Options



Select Database

The name of the database that contains the data to use in the update process. Use the database name specified in the Spatial Module Routing Database Resource tool. For more information, see the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform Administration Guide.

Coordinate System

The coordinate system of the input coordinates.

For more information on EPSG codes, see To retrieve a list of supported codespaces for EPSG, you can submit the SOAP request List Supported CoordSys by Code Space from the Geometry Service Demo page at http://<server>:<port>/Spatial/GeometryService/DemoPage.html.

Reset All

All persistent updates made to the selected database will be reverted to their original state. Select Reset All and then click Save to revert all updates.

Add Point

The point that has the persistent update to be reset. You must specify a point which consists of a Latitude and Longitude, and specify the type of update to be reset for the point. The options for the Reset Type are Exclude and Speed.

Add Segment

The segments that have the persistent updates to be reset. You must specify the segment ID and specify the type of update to be reset for the segment. The options for the Reset Type are Exclude, Road Type, and Speed. You can add multiple segments at a time by clicking the plus icon in the dialog and select the desired reset to be applied. When adding the segment ID you also have a tool to add the segment IDs based on a known point. By selecting the Do not know Segment ID? link, you can enter the latitude and longitude of a point, and then choose from the closest segment IDs to the point.

Add Road-type

The road type that has the persistent update to be reset. By specifying a road type, the speed update applied to that type will be reset.