What is the Routing Demo Page?

The Routing Demo page is an interactive user interface for demonstrating basic routing capabilities using the Spatial Module routing REST services. It sends a REST request to the service endpoint, displays the request used, and shows the response on the map.

Currently, there are two REST services featured in the Routing Demo Page: GetTravelBoundary and GetRoute.


GetTravelBoundary determines a drive or walk time or distance boundary from a location. This feature obtains polygons corresponding to an isochrone or isodistance calculation. An isochrone is a polygon or set of points representing an area that can be traversed in a network from a starting point in a given amount of time. An isodistance is a polygon or set of points representing the area that is a certain distance from the starting point. The GetTravelBoundary operation (also known as an iso definition) takes a starting point, a unit (linear or time), one or more costs as input and returns the resulting travel boundary. Costs refer to the amount of time or distance to use in calculating an iso. Multiple costs can also be given as input. In case of multiple costs, costs can also be provided as a comma delimited string. For detailed descriptions of all the GetTravelBoundary REST input parameters, see GetTravelBoundary.


GetRoute returns routing information for a set of two distinct points or multiple points. It takes a starting location and an ending location with optional intermediate points as input, and returns the route that is either the fastest or the shortest (time or distance). For detailed descriptions of all the GetRoute REST input parameters, see GetRoute.