Adding Routing Data to Spectrum

You must be a Spectrum™ Technology Platform administrator (admin) to perform this task.

To install routing Spectrum Product Data (SPD):
  1. Verify that the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server is running before you begin.
  2. Download your Spectrum Product Database (SPD) format files from Pitney Bowes using the link provided in the Pitney Bowes communication or from the Pitney Bowes Software and Data Marketplace (SDM). If the download is a zip file, extract it to a temporary location.
  3. Open a command-line window.
  4. Connect to the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server by typing this command:
    connect --h servername:port --u username --p password --s SSLtrueFalse
    For example,
    connect --h myserver:8080 --u admin --p myPassword1 --s false
  5. Install the routing data to the Spectrum server by typing:
    productdata install --f fileOrDirectory --w waitOrReturn

    For example:

    productdata install --f C:/Downloads/C1A122018/CA_Driving.spd --w

    To import and extract multiple Spectrum Product Data (.spd) files, when installing both pedestrian and driving data for example, provide the path to the folder:

    productdata install --f C:/Downloads/C1A122018 --w
  6. Run the following command to view information about the Spectrum data:
    productdata list

    This command lists all the information related to Spectrum Product Data (SPD), which are:

    1. PRODUCT
    4. VINTAGE
  7. Run one of the following commands to generate a template for adding Spectrum data to Spectrum.
    • Run the following command to create a template file (.json file) in the current directory:
      ermdb template
    • Alternatively, include the file name with the command to export the template to a specific location:
      ermdb template path of the directory
      For example:
      ermdb template C:/Downloads/Templates/ermdbresource.json

    The current file folder or the path you specified now has a template file (.json) that contains information like:

    	"name":"enter database name",
    	"DatasetPaths":"${spectrum.spd.Spatial/routing/add IDENTIFIER from productdata list};"},
  8. Configure the JSON template (.json) file by adding the database display name for the name tag and adding the IDENTIFIER information from running productdata list (in step 2) to the DatasetPaths tag.

    For example:

  9. Save your changes to the template file.
  10. Run the import command to add the SPD to the Management Console.
    ermdb import --f path_to_JSON_template

    For example, if the template is stored in a JSON file named ermdbresource.json, then the command will look like:

    ermdb import --f C:/Downloads/File/ermdbresource.json

You are now ready to create a database resource for the routing data as described in Creating a Routing Database Resource.

For more information about these Product Data CLI commands, see Product Data and Spatial Module and Routing Databases in the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Administration Guide.