Modifying a Routing Database Resource

  1. In Management Console, go to Resources > Spectrum Databases.
  2. Select a database that you need to modify in one of these ways:
    1. Click the name of the database from the Name column.
    2. Select the check box for the database you need to modify and click Edit button located above the table.
  3. Change the Pool Size value if needed, by specifying the maximum number of concurrent requests you want this database to handle.
    Note: This setting represents the number of threads on the components that are listening for service requests from the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform for executing a Spatial routing stage (that is, the maximum number of managed connections). Every web service request enters Spectrum from the platform and is passed to the components. The default value of 4 can be increased to accommodate greater request loads. A pool size that matches the number of CPUs is recommended. The maximum setting should not go above twice the number of the CPU core; for example, on a 4 CPU machine the combined number of threads for all services should not exceed 8. Performance tests should be run with various settings until optimal performance is achieved for the usage.
  4. Specify the Min memory (MB) and Max memory (MB) heap memory values.
  5. From the Network Type, select the type of network that is applicable for the database. You can choose between Driving and Pedestrian.
    A list of available databases appear in the table below. Each database is listed with its description and vintage.
  6. Select Override advanced settings, if applicable. This feature allows you to override settings such as additional command line arguments when starting process, properties, and environment variables for remote process.
  7. Click Save to update the database.
    1. You cannot modify Name, Module, and Type fields.
    2. You can add, remove, or do both in the following cases:
      1. When a database is not an SPD, you can only remove the datasets from a database. The modify features does not allow adding new datasets.
      2. When a database is an Spectrum Product Data (SPD), you can add as well as remove datasets.
    3. The database must contain at least one dataset. If you attempt to save it after removing all the datasets, the portal throws an error.